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Ethiopian Wild Coffee Dark Roast Coffee Beans produce strong, bold coffee, but also the best smoothest, cleanest tasting coffee out of our blends.

Ethiopian Wild Coffee’s Dark Roast coffee beans are immediately roasted to perfection before packaging. We ensure the unique quality, but more significantly, the freshness of the coffee. Each resealable package is constantly the same!

Ethiopian Wild Coffee Dark Roast Coffees roasting profile is brought to the second crack in the roasting process and then released into the cooling bin to provide a fuller, more flavorful taste. Ethiopian Wild Coffee’s Dark Roast Coffee is an artisan roasted coffee that you would find many in gourmet stores, espresso bars, and cafes!

Our dark roast beans are packaged as whole bean coffee to ensure optimal freshness in a resealable coffee bag. Ethiopian Wild Coffee’ Dark Roast Coffee uses the best specialty grade sourced beans!

Cupping Notes: medium brown in color beans, no oil on beans, smooth flavor, and balanced acidity 

  • Size: (8.8oz,0.55lb, 250mg)
  • Roast Level: Dark roast
  • 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Roasted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Hand Packaged
  • Blend of coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Ethiopia.

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